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To obtain the permit for construction of facilities and buildings in Kazakhstan was quite complicated before. A huge document package and approvals were required to get to implement any design. Current requirements are more law-abiding. Nevertheless, an absolute graveness to be applied for preparation to permit obtaining.

Full range of changes and peculiarities incur within collection of required documents. «Royal Tau» Company may support you in permit for construction obtaining. Our specialists carry out relevant work over your design. We are able to prepare the deign to further implementation in a proper way, handling all technological and administrative regulations.

Our Company is entitled to provide the permit for purchase of materials and machinery required for construction. We provide recommendations on preparation of all documents besides any other discipline services on permit for construction obtaining.

If you have any questions on permit obtaining please contact «Royal Tau» Company. Our specialists shall properly respond to your request and support to overcome the difficulties.

Please fill in online request, and we will contact you soon to reply the questions available.
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