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Expertise subject matter – represents assessment of design documentation, engineering survey conformity to the requirements of all technical regulations, including environmental, sanitary-epidemiological requirements, radiant safety, nuclear safety, industrial safety, fire safety requirements, as well as State Guard requirements to cultural heritage property.

  • Expert services in Kazakhstan is an essential proceeding of civil field experts, as filed operating safety depends on quality of completed expertise
  • Complex Independent Expertise of Kazakhstan designs represents combination of all design disciplines into one project starting from sanitary-epidemiologicalm environmental check up to architectural and civil, estimation disciplines.
  • Kazakhstan Expertise Certificate is a major approval document issued for construction that provides permission to the commencement of civil activities.
  • Kazakhstan State Expertise. All types of expert services were managed by central state expertise authority up to 2016. Currently, expertise field services market became open and free to private expert companies within free competitive environment.

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