«Royal Tau» LLP Expert Service Providerestablished as a company in 2013. Its prosperous activity resulted into obtaining of Accrediting License from the RoK Ministry of National Economy.

In 2016 «Royal Tau» LLP became a part of integrated republican authority (Kazakhstan Expert Organization Board formation year) . EOB (Expert Organization Board) regularly arranges regional meetings in different country areas that are visited by our Company on a mandatory basis.

The Company regularly delegates its specialists to Astana for job qualification.

«Royal Tau» LLPparticipates in professional meetings not only in Kazakhstan, but in European countries, such as Belorussia, Poland, Spain and Germany.

All business trips and participation in meetings were arranged by expert panel board.

Due to EOB professional support, our employees obtain invaluable support within communication and best practices exchange with overseas workfellows and interaction with government officials.

«Royal Tau» LLP are, not going to remain complacent. We shall continue study the worldwide experience related to our business field.

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