About us

«Royal Tau» LLP is an Expert Service Provider for civil field and delivers its services on the RoK territory. The quality and reliability of constructed architectural and industrial facilities depend on quality of civil expertise. Our employees regularly attend job qualification trainings. Our Company is going to attend overseas expert authorities to communicate with discipline workfellows, exchange with best practices of expert business in civil field. The Company regularly updates and purchases the required equipment and software for business implementation.

The required documentation:
  • Design Technical Assignment
  • Global Design Institute License
  • Site Engineering Survey Data including topographic survey, geological and hydro-geological data
  • Customer's request (letter request)
  • Design and Survey Cost Calculation
  • Architectural and Planning Assignment
  • Technical Specifications (heat supply, gas-supply, power supply)
  • SES Certificate, ES Certificate, Environmental Expertise Certificate
  • Working Design Package including all required drawings
  • Approvals of all counter-related authorities (if required)
  • Design approval